Update: There is HOPE for Severe Allergies-A Letter from Dr. Kari Nadeau

A few weeks ago, thechildrensblog.com published a post discussing an article in the NY Times Magazine about groundbreaking research and progress in the field of allergies (see post and link to NY Times article, below) . Subsequently, Dr. Nadeau has published a letter for readers to elaborate on some of the information contained in the article. This letter is further enlightening and can be read by clicking here.

Original post:

If you or your child (ren) suffer from any life threatening allergies, you know all too well that there are indisputably more questions than answers when it comes to  food allergies.  The number of questions continue to rise as the number of children with food allergies (5.9 million in the U.S, or 1 out of 13 kids) continues to rise. Many of these children are in danger everyday, just by going to school, to a restaurant, or to a party. As parents, some of us have been lucky enough to identify our children’s allergies prior to a reaction. Many of us, however, have experienced that terrifying moment when we realize that our child has eaten something that is causing his or her body to shut down. How could their little bodies turn on themselves like that?  How are they ever to experience a normal childhood living in fear that something as harmless as a cupcake could kill them? Will there be an Epi Pen , will there be someone who knows how to use an Epi Pen? Please, let them grow out of whatever has started this allergy.

Within the ever-present cloud of questions and concerns about allergies, there seems to be progress. Melanie Thernstrom wrote and article for The NY Times Magazine that profiles the research and progressive trials of Dr. Kari Nadeau of the Stanford Alliance For Food Allergy Research. Dr. Nadeau’s radical trial of desensitizing children who suffer from multiple allergies has produced successful results and gives all children and families who suffer from life threatening allergies hope for a cure.

Read the article “The Allergy Buster.  Can a Radical New Treatment Save Children With Severe Allergies?” by clicking  here.

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