A Helpful Article on Choosing Your Words Carefully

As parents, we often remind our children that words can be hurtful and are quick to correct them when they call their sibling a name  or say emotionally charged negative things we know they don’t mean. We immediately rebuke them and suggest an apology is in order. However, I wonder how many times our words have knowingly, or unknowingly, hurt our children.  The sentences that begin with “How many times have I asked you…” or “How many times do I need to ask you….” may not be as harmless as we think.

Meri Wallace’s post “Choose Your Words”, part of the “How to Raise a Happy, Cooperative Child” blog on psychologytoday.com, is a helpful reminder that verbally expressing our frustration can seriously affect a child’s self-esteem. A simple choice of words can cause a child to ponder their self-worth and feel demoralized. Remembering they are children and taking a moment to step in their shoes can help avoid turning the situation is something bigger than it needs to be.  This is an important parenting tool but also an important tool for anyone interacting with children, such as teachers, aides, and coaches.

Please click here to read Meri Wallace’s article.


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