The Children’s Blog Daily Digest June 6

The Daily Digest (4)

1. As summer quickly approaches, be aware of the real threat of secondary drowning and know how to identify the signs “How my son nearly drowned, and what you need to know about secondary drowning.” (Jennifer Margulis)

2. Read! The Children’s Book Council has a fantastic list of books, by age range, that would be a great addition to any home library “Beat Summer Slide — Build a Home Library for Your Child!” (Children’s Book Council)

3. A fun summer recipe idea for kids, “Watermelon Sandwich” (Chop Chop Magazine)

4. A reasonable rant about the expectations surrounding “boy colors” and “girl colors” “Pink is a Color. Blue is a Color. Teach Your Kids. Please.” (Mike Reynolds, HuffPost)

5. Anyone for voluntarily extending middle school for a year? “Your Kid’s Brain Might Benefit From an Extra Year in Middle School” (Jessica Lahey, The Atlantic)

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