The Children’s Blog Daily Digest June 6

The Daily Digest (4)

1. As summer quickly approaches, be aware of the real threat of secondary drowning and know how to identify the signs “How my son nearly drowned, and what you need to know about secondary drowning.” (Jennifer Margulis)

2. Read! The Children’s Book Council has a fantastic list of books, by age range, that would be a great addition to any home library “Beat Summer Slide — Build a Home Library for Your Child!” (Children’s Book Council)

3. A fun summer recipe idea for kids, “Watermelon Sandwich” (Chop Chop Magazine)

4. A reasonable rant about the expectations surrounding “boy colors” and “girl colors” “Pink is a Color. Blue is a Color. Teach Your Kids. Please.” (Mike Reynolds, HuffPost)

5. Anyone for voluntarily extending middle school for a year? “Your Kid’s Brain Might Benefit From an Extra Year in Middle School” (Jessica Lahey, The Atlantic)

The Children’s Blog Daily Digest April 21

The Daily Digest (4)

1. Usher in baseball season with these “5 Great Baseball Books for Young Fans and Readers” (The Children’s Book Review)

2. An easy alternative to using ripe bananas for bread “Recipe for Kids: Bananas, Cold and Custardy” (New York Times, Motherlode)

3. Rebelling against the organic mainstream “The Tyranny of the Organic Mommy Mafia” (New York Post)

4. Science experiments you can do at home “The Magic Ketchup Experiment” (Science Bob)

5. Kids notice when parents are on their phone “For the Children’s Sake, Put Down That Smartphone” (NPR)

The Children’s Blog Daily Digest April 7

1. A fascinating story about balancing risk, imagination, free play, independence, and parental instincts through a new kind of playground in : “The Overprotected Kid” by Hannah Rosin,  The Atlantic.

2. Finding comfort in an autism diagnosis: : “Why My Daughter’s Autism Diagnosis Was a Relief’ by Shanell Mouland, HuffPost Parents

3. April is Poetry Month, here is a great book selection that mixes poetry and dogs:



Once I Ate a Pie

By Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest, illustrated by      Katy Schneider (HarperCollins Children’s)

Celebrated Newberry Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan brings the loving, loyal and sometimes mischievous personalities of dogs to the center stage in this heartwarming book. Perfect for dog lovers and a great introduction to poetry for children. 


4. Towards the end of the school year, we all could use some new ideas for packing school lunches.  Try 100 Days of Real Food, “Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas”

5. More in preschool admissions confessions and “exmissions” : “If Ivy League Is the Endgame, I’m Not Sure I Want to Play” by Judy Batalion, New York Times Motherlode.

The Children’s Blog Daily Digest


The Children’s Blog Daily Digest for Thursday April 3, 2014:

1. A 10 step plan to stop yelling at your kids, “You CAN Stop Yelling. Here’s your 10 step plan”, Laura Markham, PhD, Psychology Today

2. Dad blogger starts B.E.A.U.T.Y. movement to boost daughter’s self-esteem and strikes a chord with parents of girls  everywhere, “Dad blogger starts movement to boost kids’ self-esteem”, Parenting

3. Recipes for Kids, “Black Beans and Corn Quesadillas”, Motherlode

4. Healthy fast food advertising for kids shown to fall on deaf ears, Healthy fast food advertising for kids goes unnoticed, study shows”, Medical News Today

5. In filthy pigeon news, Mo Willem’s new book  Pigeon Needs a Bath (Ages 3-5 Hardcover 40 pages Author: Mo Willems Released on: 4/1/14 ISBN: 1-4231-9087-4ISBN: 978-1-4231-9087-5)


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